My Ultimate Integrative Coaching Package

Does it feel like you are holding your business back from being profitable?

Are you frustrated with yourself for avoiding what you know you should be doing?

Do you keep finding new things to "busy" yourself with instead of getting the important stuff done?

If you want to:

  • Start putting yourself out there for clients to find you

  • Create a routine for yourself and your business

  • Release "shiny object syndrome"

Then you need to...

  • Create clear cut goals that trigger your doubts so you can...

  • Release the limiting BS (belief systems... what were you thinking?) holding you back...

  • And learn how to tap in a way that gets you back into action fast

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You know how you can do that?

Hi, I'm Nicola! And my Ultimate Integrative Coaching Package will get you there. 

I call it the Ultimate Integrative Coaching Package because I have brought all my skills and talents together to create a comprehensive one of a kind coaching journey with me.

Release Your Limits includes...

  • One 1-hour Mindscaping Plus Session to clarify what you want and clear the way for you to have it

  • One 2-hour hour FasterEFT session to eliminate the patterns blocking you

  • One 1-hour follow-up to create your daily tapping routine and fine-tune your process

  • One tap-along-video created to help you stay on track with ease

The answer isn't in trying harder...

It is time to blast through limits and create focus.

I will help you...

  • Refine your goals

  • Identify your blocks

  • Create a plan to stay in action after you complete your sessions

Your investment...

$375.00 (USD)

Click here to sign up now and get started:

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In Sarah's Words...

Nicola is an exceptional coach! Working with her has helped me remove some deeply rooted limiting beliefs that have held me back over these years.

After working with her to release the blocks:

  • I accepted what has happened in my childhood and re-imprinted those memories to positive ones.

  • I started working on my business.

  • I feel lighter. I no longer feel irritated or agitated with the people around me.

  • I have clarity on the direction I am heading to.

  • My confidence improved.

Thank you once again Nicola for your never-ending support and authenticity has made your coaching sessions a very memorable one.